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Small and medium enterprises (SME) are largely characterized by dynamic and powerful entrepreneurial activities generating tangible values and making significant and critical contributions to the economy.

The process of globalisation offers more opportunities for the development of countries, societies, businesses, and individuals than ever before. It generates an immense demand for infrastructures, nutrition, commodities, services, education and professional training.


To promote the human face of globalisation which is to activate and develop potentials to provide tangible benefits for all, respecting cultural identity and fair partnership.

To conjoin the sophisticated know-how of growth oriented companies from different branches, countries and cultures with international business planning and project transaction.


The Center is focused on SME willing to expand their business on global scale and is responding to the needs of developing and emerging countries. Avin Procas operates worldwide, particularly in Africa and the Middle East.


Implementation of the one-stop international business agency offering in the global marketplace products, services and technologies of the SME Avin Procas Alliance.


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